Tunesday: Brave Enough

Welcome to another week, dear reader. Hopefully your weekend was enjoyable and Monday didn’t sour your moods too much. If they did, this week’s Tunesday selection will likely be a welcome change from all the beep-and-boop of the past few Tech Tuesday features. Last week, I picked up two albums, and will feature one today and one next week, unless something amazing happens in the tech world. Eager to know what this week’s feature is? Dubstep violin. Yep.

Lindsey Stirling

If you know your rising stars, you might recognize her name or style, which has historically been violin and dubstep. Sound like an interesting phonic choice? It is, has been, and likely will always be, as violins are typically rather light and airy while dubstep beats are slow, heavy, and very solid. Lindsey Stirling’s first public appearance was on America’s Got Talent where the judges sent her home with complaints of dancing while playing negatively affecting tone and both suffering from the lack of sole focus. Since then, Stirling has released three albums, the latest of which is this week’s pick for Tunesday.

Brave Enough

Titled “Brave Enough”, her third album features further refinements to her unique sound that are more than enough to fit her in among the most recognizable and enjoyable artists in the past years. As her biggest-name production yet, Stirling has corralled a few other big-name mainstream artists to feature their vocals alongside her string-and-bass. Singing in the album’s title track, Christina Perri lends her full mid-high range vocals to tell yet another story that absolutely sings.


As the last music video to be released before the full album dropped in the middle of last week, “Prism” features an interesting all-Lindsey arrangement that sounds exactly like what die-hard fans dig for in each album.

Those Days

Featuring Dan and Shay, the slightly-country-twanged “Those Days” puts Lindsey’s typically electric sound into an acoustic blender that loses a little to the singer’s own style. While not true to what Stirling initially began her career sounding like, “Those Days” is very much a modern song that shows not only her ability to adapt to different styles, but her willingness.

Something Wild

Something wild indeed, if you ask me. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is the feature artist, and his style blends gorgeously to create a song that shows how far Stirling has come as a performer, as well as a composer. McMahon’s vocals are that kind of almost-strained high, singing-at-the-top-of-his-range and they mesh wonderfully with simple melodies that jump together into heavier sections of the motivation-laden chorus.

Gavi’s Song

Closing out “Brave Enough”, “Gavi’s Song” is closer to a traditional violin performance than Stirling’s electronic style. With this change, however, listeners know that Gavi wasn’t just for effect, and allows the album to close on soft tones and sweet melodies.

The send-off

Do, dear reader, if you haven’t had a listen to some of Lindsey Stirling’s work, you definitely should. If you already have, then seriously consider picking up “Brave Enough” for your collection.  I’ll see you again for Freeform Friday, but until then, keep jammin’.


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