Freeform Friday: Abecedarian

Dream Any boy could dream, even for greatness.  Here, I jousted kings, looked majestic, never once powerless.  Quietly, remembrance saturated until...vanished.  Winner: X, you: 0.


Freeform Friday: Haikus

Golden Houten Green, rivered city glowing with the honey sun as nightlife begins. Netherlands envy the open parks, no traffic. This city has gold. Gold of honey sun, but another kind abounds. Gold, the quiet kind. Houten, the city's for us, the people. Thus, the cars hush.

Freeform Friday: Sijo

Money I could not bring out the worst in myself unless you helped. You bring out the worst in everyone, because they love you so. Money I make you, own you, use you, not the other way 'round.