latest post


So as you may notice, I’ve been M.I.A. lately (I say lately but it’s been almost a year since my last post) and didn’t really say why, or even that, a vanishing act would occur.  All I will share is that I lost the urge to write and shifted focus to a new job since that last post.  Feeling refreshed as I do, I thought I’d give blogging another try because now I’ve got some things to say.

Who turned out the lights!

The first major change coming to Thoughtnet, as you may already have noticed, is the new look.  It’s much less white than the old look, and uses an entirely different theme.  This was me realizing that white space is not fun to look at for any period of time, and I was sick of the look from before.  You’ll also notice the lovely image up top on the site.  That’s dark to blend in but has some warmth and seasonality to it, so possibly expect that to change with the seasons, though I make no guarantees.

And when can we expect an actual new post?

About that… I want to scrap the ‘post on whichever day, even if I have to make something up to fill the slot’ schedule I had for the longest time.  I still jam out to some bangin’ tunez most days, but I don’t find nearly enough new material to write about every or every other week as I had been.  But music will still be a focus, especially as I’ve read back my last couple of posts and realized I promised my thoughts on Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” and that will be my first order of business.

When everything changes, what stays the same?

Me?  The idea that Thoughtnet is somewhere I write for myself but leave the proverbial diary open for the internet of people to stumble across?  And maybe how lame the section headers are within a post.  Definitely the last one.

Wrapping Up

I’ve got some time, and some thoughts, and a keyboard so why not do this again.  I hope you’ll come along with me, dear reader who’s been abandoned for eleven months (or new reader, in which case hello!), and I’ll write you soon.