Freeform Friday: Triolet

Night Cry Crying moon tears into the night sky left my soul emptied and wanting another. I knew it had to be her, but didn't know why. Crying moon tears into the night sky, I lifted my head and looked her in the eye she told me she loved me like a brother. Crying moon …


Freeform Friday: McWhirtle

Sing-songy in the woods flying between the trees Kaitlyn runs out ahead with her hands in the air. Cannot run fast enough to escape from the past. She won't escape from this because this time it's real.

Tech Tuesday: Buying a ticket for a sinking ship, or, why I switched to a Windows phone

Welcome dear reader to a segment whose title is modelled after Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus.  Welcome, to me explaining why in the heck I bought into a platform that most major new outlets are calling dead and doomed.  This is why I own, use, and love my Windows phone. The specifics First, …